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What are Hydraulic Quick Couplers and How Do They Work?

Hydraulic quick couplers facilitate the quick connection and disconnection of fluid lines in a quick and convenient way. Quick disconnect couplings are fittings that are used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems to quickly connect and disconnect lines without loss of fluid or pressure. Hydraulic quick couplings give operators the ability to quickly connect and disconnect hydraulic…
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The Art of Actuation

What goes up must come down, and what opens must be closed. Although the former was used by Sir Isaac Newton to explain gravity, the latter is also true; especially when it comes to valves. Valves must be opened and closed to allow fluid to start and stop moving through a system. The easiest, most…
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13 Hydraulic Fittings You Should Know

Hydraulic fittings connect hose, pipe and tube to components such as hydraulic manifolds, cylinders, various components or other hoses- you already knew that, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this blog! BUT did you know the different types and applications of hydraulic and certain pneumatic fittings? 1. NPT (National Pipe Taper) and NPS (Nominal Pipe Size) fitting thread…
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Industrial Heater Ducting for Temporary Ventilation

The FX-400 lightweight heating duct is perfect for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, commercial and residential work areas, cement drying, dehumidification, event tents, and other climate control environments where temporary and portable heating or cooling is needed. The Flexaust FX-400 Portable Heater Duct is made with a high-strength sewn single-ply polyurethane coated polyester…
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What are Hydraulic Bulkhead Fittings?

The term bulkhead was originally used to describe any watertight compartment or wall in a ship or submarine. Bulkhead fittings were used in the installation of pipes and hoses passing through a ship’s internal walls. Today the concept is the same, but the applications are much broader. Hydraulic bulkhead fittings are sometimes known as tank adapters and…
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Selecting Expansion Joints in CPI Applications

Understanding the factors affecting the selection of expansion joints helps maximize their longevity and minimize process downtime. The following guidelines can help with selecting expansion joints Although sometimes overlooked or treated like an afterthought in process design, expansion joints are critical elements in chemical process industries (CPI) operations for providing flexibility and stress relief to…
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