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Are Hydraulic Fittings NPT?

Hydraulic fittings come in many sizes and styles. While NPT fittings (National Pipe Taper) are sometimes considered the most common thread style in the U.S. and Canada, others claim JIC (Joint Industry Council) SAE 37 fittings are the most popular in North America. Globally, the more practical metric threads are the most prevalent, with DIN (Deutsche Industrial Norme) German style being the most frequently used.  The popularity of JIC fittings is primarily due to their straight threads with…
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What are Anti-Static Hoses?

Many industrial sectors generate large volumes of fine dust particles. These flammable particle concentrations can be highly volatile in an enclosed area, combusting when in the presence of oxygen if they’re exposed to a spark, ember, or similar source of ignition. The potential for fires or even explosions means it’s critical for facilities with a…
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Cam & Groove Comparison

In a previous blog post, we took a look into Dixon® cam & groove couplings. Now that we have an understanding of cam & groove functionality, materials, applications, configurations, and sizes, it is time to compare the different types of cam & groove couplings Dixon offers. Dixon Cam & Groove Dixon’s cam & groove couplings are precision machined…
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How to Replace O-Rings in Hydraulic Couplers

We all know what a hydraulic fitting is, and we sometimes refer to them as hydraulic couplers. However, the term hydraulic coupler usually refers to quick-connect fittings.  Hydraulic fittings are used to connect a hydraulic hose to components like hydraulic cylinders, pipes, tubes, valves, or other hydraulic hoses. They come in a variety of thread styles, including JIC, NPT, BSP,…
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The main purpose of a welding cable reel is to store away long welding cable safely, eliminating trip hazards. This will make your workshop a safe place, as well as reducing wear and tear, ensuring that your expensive welding equipment will last. One of the first items to consider when selecting a welding reel is whether…
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Utility Hoses in Refineries

We know what products are made from a barrel of crude oil and the general overview of crude oil, refined, but the different fluid transfer components required in oil refineries are often overlooked. There are 130 operable petroleum refineries in the U.S. These refineries range in size and processing capacity. For example, the Talley Asphalt Products refinery in Kern,…
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