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Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Hydraulic Fittings

June 20, 2024

Experienced professionals recognize that the reliability of hydraulic systems hinges on the quality of their fittings. These fittings must endure high pressures and remain compatible with both the tube or hose and the media being transported within the system. Therefore, it’s crucial…

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Making the right choice with duckbill check valves

June 13, 2024

Low-cost components like check valves can make a huge difference to a major installation if the wrong specification or choices are made. Make sure you make the right decision on check valves for your application. Inspired by nature, the duckbill…

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Understanding Sanitary Check Valves

June 6, 2024

Often overlooked but critical in function, check valves play a vital role in maintaining the efficiency, safety, and integrity of sanitary processes. Go with the flow as we delve into the details of the types and applications of sanitary check…

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May 30, 2024

Motor driven hose reels are the last of the three main types of reels available for the industrial market. Unlike the spring driven and hand crank reels, motor driven, also commonly referred to as automatic retraction, reels can be used…

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The Strength and Versatility of Galvanized Malleable Iron Fittings

May 24, 2024

Water, natural gas delivery and efficient waste and sewage disposal are indispensable elements of both residential and commercial infrastructure. Behind the scenes, pipes and fittings ensure these essential systems work efficiently. At the core of this infrastructure are malleable iron…

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Storz Fittings

April 18, 2024

In the realm of firefighting and fluid transport, the importance of reliable and efficient fire department connections cannot be overstated. Storz fittings, a type of quick-connect coupling system, have emerged as a key asset for the fire protection industry. History…

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The Patented ProFlex™ 710TT & 770/780

April 11, 2024

The ProFlex™ 710TT has been engineered and developed to be the most efficient and specifiable valve to ensure 100% mixing capability in potable water and sewage reservoir/storage tanks. Under U.S. Patent No. 11,396,951, the new patented torsional flow design of the…

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Steam Fittings

April 4, 2024

What do a gallon of gasoline, a ream of paper, and a can of corn all have in common? Each of these items requires steam for production. From oil, gas, and paper, to food, beverages, and textiles, steam is an…

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Why Choose Forged Over Brazed Fittings?

March 22, 2024

Producing forged steel fittings includes cutting and heating billets, then using a pre-formed die that creates the desired shape under high pressure on the heated billet. The part is then trimmed and shot blasted to remove any flashing. This process produces a…

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Guide to Dust Collection Hoses for Woodworking Industry, Metal Fabrication, & Cyclones

March 14, 2024

Poor air quality can be a serious problem in high-volume manufacturing, metal- and woodworking, furniture building, and other dusty applications. From industrial and commercial wood and metal shops down to the hobbyist’s home workspace, dust particles can quickly build up…

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