JIC vs. SAE Flare Fittings

March 7, 2024

Overview of Flare Fittings Flare fittings are a type of compression fitting used with a flared piece of tubing. They are secured in place with a sleeve and nut to create a pressure and leak-resistant seal. The tip of the flare fitting…

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Cam & Groove Comparison

May 2, 2023

In a previous blog post, we took a look into Dixon® cam & groove couplings. Now that we have an understanding of cam & groove functionality, materials, applications, configurations, and sizes, it is time to compare the different types of cam &…

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Pipe Flanges 101

January 25, 2023

Introduction to Pipe Flanges Whether it’s an oil and gas pipeline, irrigation in agriculture, or a piping system for chemical processing, connecting pipes is a common occurrence in a variety of industries. Regardless of the purpose and type of fluid being transferred, the connections…

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3 Choices of Hydraulic Hose

January 17, 2023

Hydraulic hoses are the arteries of a hydraulic system. They are used in a wide variety of equipment and industries, including oil and gas, mining, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, rail, automotive, food and pharmaceutical production, and much more. Hydraulic hoses are used…

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